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Keep Moving Forward

Inspired by Sam Berns and his battle with Progeria - #prfsam

The remarkable journey of a young man’s life with Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome, began at the tender age of just 22 months old. Born on Oct. 23, 1996 in Providence, RI, Sam Berns became an inspiration for his parents, Dr. Leslie Gordon and Dr. Scott Berns, to learn more about the genetic disease that was so limited in information. Together they created the Progeria Research Foundation in hopes of discovering treatments to slow down its progression and eventually find a cure.

The fatal genetic condition is the result of a mutation in a gene called LMNA, and causes children to age rapidly, eventually causing heart attacks and strokes. It also drastically changes their appearance while leaving their intellect intact. Unfortunately similar to many adults in their 60s and 70s, children with Progeria often pass away from heart disease. With the disease affecting just one in 4 – 8 million newborns throughout the world, the Berns family set out to raise awareness.

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BODIES...Holiday Treats


Roasted chestnuts, sugar plums and figgy pudding make up our Christmas carols and holiday “visions”,  but are not the easiest to find in the your local supermarket.

So what exactly are these treats so synonymous with December and are they healthy? Our Chief Medical Expert, Dr. Roy Glover, weighs in…


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stimulant_drinksHOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH?


At the end of the year, it seems we are all looking for a little more time and energy. Even Santa needs a few extra calories to keep him going –we can all appreciate a diet of cookies and milk...

However, if we can’t have Santa’s magical good genes and need an extra kick, is there an alternative to gain some pep in our step?

Energy drinks’ popularity are on the rise- multiple brands claim that in less than two ounces you can have long lasting energy without the use of sugar or net carbs.

However, that zest has to come from somewhere… So what is the main ingredient? It’s Caffeine!


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Thanksgiving is just days away and for most families, that means a turkey dinner with all of the trimmings. We want to help put two of the biggest turkey myths to rest.


1)  Does our favorite Thanksgiving bird really make us sleepy?

2)  Is white meat healthier than dark?


So…let’s talk turkey!

White vs. Dark meat –

Question: Do you prefer white meat or dark meat? And, other than personal taste, do you know the difference between the two?

Here’s the scoop:

Dark meat is darker in color because it contains more myoglobin (proteins) that are responsible for making sure that oxygen gets to a turkey’s muscle cells during exercise. For that reason, the thigh and leg muscles are darker in color. Turkey muscles that are used less often and contain little myoglobin are lighter in color.

So which is healthier?

Regardless of your personal preference for white or dark meat, both have a good source of protein. Dark meat has some nutritional advantages over white; as it contains more vitamins and minerals, particularly Vitamin B, iron and zinc.  However, white meat tends contains less saturated fat.

So we think it is a draw. As long as you remove the skin either part of your turkey dinner is something to “gobble up”.


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Smoking Effects


We have been told that smoking cigarettes is harmful to our lungs and that second hand smoke can be even more damaging. The media is constantly reaffirming data research and new revelations on how smoking affects us on a daily basis.

In fact, cigarettes are one of a few products sold legally that have the potential to harm and even kill a person over time. Lung cancer, emphysema, bronchitis and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) are just a few major of the complications that can result from inhaling the thousands of different chemicals cigarettes contain.  Smoking is  a primary cause of: heart disease, strokes, infertility, major changes in the skin, hair, teeth and gums; premature delivery - low birth weight, heart, lung, and brain abnormalities.

In order to bring the affects this life threatening, addictive habit to the public’s attention, BODIES…The Exhibition will participate in the annual Great American Smokeout. On Thursday, November 15th, we will encourage smokers to make a commitment and design a plan to quit. The first step in making this commitment to quit smoking is to dispose their cigarettes at any of our venues and we will offer a two-for-one admission voucher in return.

Second step – we want everyone to see, first hand, what the dangerous contaminants in cigarette smoke can do to your lungs.  By visiting the exhibition, you will have an unprecedented opportunity to see a side-by-side comparison of a healthy lung vs. a smoker’s lung – an opportunity more impactful and visual then any text book image.  These darkened black, misshapen lungs illustrate the tar damage and buildup that often accompany smoking, and our hope is that you will join the thousands who, after viewing this vivid display, have decided to make a change and commit to quit!


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